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August 14, 2017
Economic News | Teranet – National Bank House Price Index: National index still rising in July

OPINION: The recent loosening of the Toronto home resale market was clearly felt on Toronto’s (unsmoothed) subindex for dwellings other than condos, which declined 1.6% from June. Moreover, after seasonal adjustment, this subindex declined 2.2% (see middle table). Based on a survey of real estate boards that we conducted earlier this month, home sales declined on a y/y basis in July in most large Canadian cities west of Ottawa. If that trend persists, home price growth might decelerate in these regions. That being said, home resale markets are rather hot this summer in Montreal (bottom chart) and Ottawa-Gatineau, two areas where the Teranet-National Bank Home Price Index was at a record level in July. Home resale markets have also improved markedly of late in the Maritime Provinces. So, pressure on home price growth that might result from rising interest rates and regulation changes are likely to not affect regional markets evenly. Downward pressure is likely to be more acute in regions where affordability has been eroded by past price escalation, while home prices should be more resilient in regions where homes are more affordable.

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