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December 12, 2017
You get a house, I get a house, we all get a house

November Housing Starts

FACTS: Housing starts reached 252.2K units in November,
rising 29.5K (13.2%) from the level in October (top chart).
The monthly increase can be explained by a 25.3K (16.9%)
advance for multiple starts in urban areas, which
complemented the smaller rise for singles – the latter grew
4.2K (7.5%) to 60.4K. Rural starts, for their part, edged
slightly down 0.1K (-0.4%) to 16.8K. Starts declined in
British Columbia (-8.5K), Quebec (-5.4K), Saskatchewan (-
1.3K) and New Brunswick (-0.9K) but those were more than
offset by gains in Ontario (+37.9K), Alberta (+4.8K),
Manitoba (+1.5K), Nova Scotia (+1.2K).

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