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June 13, 2018
Teranet-National Bank HPI: The stabilization of home prices confirmed in May

OPINION: May’s rise in the Teranet-National Bank HPI confirmed the stabilization of home prices that took place since the end of last year, following a correction in H2 2017 (top chart). It is true that this stabilization was accompanied by a shift of price momentum in favor of condos in Toronto and Vancouver. Given the high price level for other types of dwellings in these cities, rising interest rates and tighter mortgage underwriting standards, this shift should not be surprising.  But fortunately, it did not result in an outright price decline for other types of dwellings in these cities (middle chart). In other regions covered by the Composite index, prices have regained most of the ground lost in Q1 (bottom chart). Given that interest rates are likely to continue to increase, a relapse of home prices over the next few quarters cannot be ruled out. But their resilience so far suggests that price declines would then be limited in scope.

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