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August 14, 2018
Neither strength nor deep weakness

OPINION: The Composite index rose in July for a fourth month in a row, but these rises were all
below the historical average for these months. Indeed, after seasonal adjustment, the
Composite index was flat in July after a drop in June. The same phenomenon applied to
the Toronto index, where at the opposite of the published index, the adjusted index
declined over the last four months (left chart). The adjusted index declined over the last
two months in Vancouver. This means that the recent rises in these indices reflected
only seasonal pressures, not an underlying trend. For Toronto, the recent declines in the
seasonally adjusted index were due to the sub-index for dwellings other than condos,
down a cumulative 2.1%. Meanwhile, the condo index was up 1.6% (right chart). These
numbers are consistent with market conditions, tighter for condos than for other

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