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May 17, 2023
Teranet-National Bank House Price Index: Housing prices stabilize in April

After seasonal adjustment, the Teranet-National Bank composite HPI remained essentially unchanged from March to April, recording a slight decline of 0.1% after a drop of 0.8% the previous month. This stabilization coincides with a resurgence of activity in the property resale market. A record cumulative drop of 8.7% from its spring 2022 peak was recorded during this downturn caused by extremely aggressive monetary tightening. In the coming months, it is highly likely that the composite index will return to short-term growth, supported by the renewed vigor of home sales in a context where supply remains low on a historical basis. This revival of the real estate sector is partly explained by the stabilization of interest rates. Indeed, now that the Bank of Canada has stopped raising its key rate in recent months, some buyers probably perceive less uncertainty and are taking action. A second factor explaining this increase is the strong demographic growth we are experiencing in the country, especially in large urban centers that attract newcomers. It remains to be seen whether this strength in the real estate market will be temporary in a context where interest rates are still high, lending conditions are tightening, and the labour market is not immune to a downturn.

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